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Are feminists really adapting the ‘not all men’ and bowl-of-m&ms logic?

Like seriously?

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Women's Rights Activist: Now let's tackle the delicate issue of rape. There are too many instances of women being raped and something needs to be done.
Men's Rights Activist: Absolutely - but we feel that it is also important to note and bring light to the fact that males get raped too, and women can also be rapists.
WRA: Absolutely - what do you think Egalitarian?
Egalitarian: I think with careful attention to all victims of rape, and not specifically turning it into a gendered issue, we can focus more precisely on what causes rape and try to counter it. We believe that demonising one group of people isn't the way forward, especially with such sensitive topics like rape.
--The door comes crashing down.--
About the friendzone…


It’s not my blog, but this post had a really good description on why the friendzone exists and what creates it. (It has science too!)

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They’re remaking Pokemon games! Hahaa!

This doesn’t concern me at all! Hahaa!



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Oh, I’m so sorry you won’t be able to win entire tournaments just by mashing the A button.

I don’t think you quite understand.

I loved Meta Knight way before Brawl. He’s the coolest blueberry puffball with a sword out there.

The fact that he was OP in Brawl was just a hilariously badass side bonus. I don’t care how much they nerf him, as long as my favorite character in the world will get in I can rest easy.


Respect knuckles

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